About the artist

Spirit of Chimayo

Oil and paper collage on heavy paper

Joyce Martin creates her eclectic art in her studio in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. Joyce is known for her evocative mixed-media collages and her large colorful abstract oils.

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Artist’s Statement

“I love texture, and its use is obvious in my work. I rarely paint without laying down a textural substratum on the paper or canvas. It can be any kind of paper (Asian, tissue, homemade, or even paper bags), fabric, foil, or anything else I can find to create an interesting surface on which to paint.

In recent years, I have introduced two new mixed media techniques to my art — building up the surface of the canvas with plaster and mixing oil with cold wax. After applying a thick layer of plaster, I paint over it with oil, allowing the texture and the painting itself to emerge from within. If I choose to mix oil with wax, I apply it over a design previously done in oil and then use scraffiti to reveal elements of the mysterious painting below.

In contrast to my more freewheeling abstract pieces, I am also involved with the “grid,” probably because of the rich possibilities that evolve from the interplay of orderliness and abstraction. Twenty-five to thirty squares of paper/fabric are attached to the canvas/paper in a grid design and then painted over to produce the final effect. Each three- to six-inch square becomes a tiny abstract painting in its own right that then fits into the whole to make the abstract, but uniform piece.

People often ask me how I start a painting, where I get an idea, or how I know at the start what to create. I may have some general ideas about color and textural background, but the painting itself only emerges out of the process. And, the end result may not at all resemble the original image in my mind. But the process of painting, and painting over paint, and scrubbing out paint, and adding or subtracting certain textural elements — this is what gives the work its richness and complexity. During this process, an image will suddenly take shape in my mind or a sensation will come over me, and with a brushstroke, I permanently capture that precise moment in time. My style is similar — it has evolved over time.

Regardless of whether the process happens in one continuous flow or in bursts of activity is inconsequential. Giving expression to a creative impulse is very satisfying, especially when others are moved by the final piece.”


All paintings in “Archived Work” are in private collections, as are a few paintings listed under “Work on Canvas” and “Work on Paper.” I have included them as examples of my style.

I have done many commissioned pieces and will work closely with clients to insure that the art they have commissioned compliments their decor.